Participatory Design in Robotics for Elderly Care

PADERO reaches out to Japan to develop scenarios for employing socially interactive robots in nursing homes by integrating the needs of all the people involved, including nursing staff, the people in need of care and their relatives. The cultural differences in living with technologies will blend and enrich each other in PADERO hackathons enabling German and Japanese care and research organizations to jointly develop new and promising applications for robots in elderly care.


  • Social robots
  • Nursing
  • Participatory design
  • Hackathon

University of Siegen, Chair of Business Informatics and New Media

Siegen, Germany

  • FH Kiel
  • Hyogo Institute of Assistive Technology
  • Karl Jasper Center 
  • National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology
  • Tohoku University
  • WASEDA University

University of Siegen

Chair of Business Informatics and New Media
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