German Innovation Package Traffic and Environment-Monitoring-System (TEMsys) goes to China

Institution German Aerospace Center (DLR) Institute of Transportation Systems
Location Berlin, Germany
Since 2001


Network manager  Alexander Sohr
  • Anhui Keli Information Industry Co. Ltd., Anhui, China
  • EU Project Innovation Center (EUPIC), Chengdu, China
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems (FOKUS), Berlin, Germany
  • Hefei University, Hefei, China
  • Tongji University, Tonjji, China
  • T-Systems P.R. China Ltd., Beijing, China
Thematic focus
  • Energy, resources and infrastructure systems
  • Mobility and movement of goods
Target country China
Target groups
  • Municipal authorities of cities
  • Urban planning authorities
  • Police departments
  • Research institutions and universities focused on traffic, mobility and environment


What we offer

We offer scientific and technical consulting in research, development and implementation of system solutions, their extensions and costumer-oriented adaptations in the field of traffic management as well as environmental and future-oriented mobility solutions. We provide more than ten years of project and cultural experience in both public and private founded projects in cooperation with China.

Looking for

We are looking for cooperation partners who want to implement future-oriented mobility solutions and seek to integrate new systems such as Traffic and Environment-Monitoring-Systems (TEMsys) in existing traffic systems. In addition to this, we are interested in meeting future partners from science and research to exchange ideas and knowledge and develop joint research and development projects.

Smart city challenges addressed

  • Urbanisation and fast-growing cities
  • Progressing climate change
  • Environmental pollution, air pollution
  • Traffic and mobility demands
  • Traffic congestion and traffic accidents  

Smart city solutions offered

  • Environment-friendly and cross-linked traffic system solutions
  • Sustainable traffic and environmental monitoring system (TEMSys)
  • Increased road safety with detection of critical situations with cameras
  • Big data analysis to contribute to an improved urban development
  • Scenario analysis with microscopic simulation for decision-makers in urban traffic



German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Institute of Transportation Systems


Alexander Sohr


Rutherfordstraße 2

12489 Berlin



work Phone
+49 (0)30 – 67055 458