U.S.-German network “Zukunftsstadt – Future City”

Institution Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ)
Location Leipzig, Germany
Since 1991
Network manager Dr. Stephan Bartke
Network partners
  • German Environment Agency, Dessau, Germany
  • JenaGeos®, Jena, Germany
  • Kommunikatisten, Leipzig, Germany
  • quaas-stadtplaner, Weimar, Germany
  • StadtLand UG, Leipzig, Germany
  • Wirtschaftsentwicklungs- gesellschaft Bochum mbH, Germany
  • …and many other US-German Bilateral Working Group partners
Thematic focus
  • Energy, resources and infrastructure systems
  • Data, information bases and knowledge transfer
Target country USA
Target group
  • Private sector
  • Urban planning authorities
  • Research institutions
  • Regulators
  • Consultants

What we offer is a network of junior and senior professionals interested in the “Zukunftsstadt – Future City”. The network facilitates the exchange of ideas and access to expert knowledge and markets in Germany and the USA, to provide solutions for sustainable and better living in the City of Tomorrow. supports its members by:

  • Highlighting experts and projects offering innovative solutions and research activities,
  • Providing a platform to discuss ideas and innovative approaches for future US and German cities,
  • Providing a market place to establish new partnerships for further optimization, adaptation and implementation of innovations,
  • Creating a repository of funding options to support bilateral projects and exchange.

Looking for

  • Stakeholders that are interested in and can benefit from a transfer of know-how and collaborations on innovative solutions in the field of The City of Tomorrow.
  • Stakeholders from science and practice that are interested in transatlantic exchange and that are involved in the development of attractive system solution components related to sustainable and resilient urban development and urban land management.
  • Innovators from application-oriented research and practice, e. g. SME, research institutions, universities of applied sciences, universities as innovation pioneers and potential users of innovations/components of system solutions, e. g. local community representatives, planning offices, consultants

Smart city challenges addressed addresses all challenges related to developing cutting-edge and innovative system solution components for resilient urban development and urban land management, involving:

  1. Monitoring, remote sensing, early warning systems and data management,
  2. Planning and participation processes,
  3. Land management/brownfield redevelopment and
  4. Economic/financial support measures.

Smart city solutions offered

  • Urban reconstruction through aerial photo analyses or access-based data
  • Concepts for integrated urban development and energy-efficient districts
  • Identification of development potentials, stakeholder and organization analyses
  • Presentation and mediation procedures for public participation
  • Market-ready tools for minimizing obstacles regarding brownfield site development
  • Circular land management and land revitalization



Helmholtz Centre

for Environmental Research (UFZ)


Dr. Stephan Bartke


Permoserstraße 15

04318 Leipzig



work Phone
+49 (0)341 – 235 1683