Energy efficient city transformation

Institution Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences (HFT)
Location Stuttgart, Germany
Since 1832


Network manager  Prof. Dr. Ursula Eicker       
Partners ENsource research network Baden-W├╝rttemberg,
Stuttgart, Germany
Thematic focus 
  • Energy, resources and infrastructure systems
Target country USA
Target groups
  • Universities and research institutes
  • Municipalities owning real property
  • Urban planning authorities
  • Energy supply and management companies
  • Innovative companies in the field of urban modelling and simulation
  • Young researchers


What we offer

CITYtrans seeks to foster an exchange of experience in scientific symposia and workshops for professional experts. We are offering several event formats to create a platform for discussions and project definitions in the field of dynamic urban modelling and other approaches to enhance building energy efficiency and renewable energy supply. Our goal is to build up a transatlantic network of partners interested in joint research projects, developing low carbon city strategies based on innovative methods and setting up demo sites.

Looking for

We are looking for partners who are interested in sharing experience, working in cooperative application-oriented research projects and merging high-quality research expertise in binational teams.

Smart city challenges addressed

  • Climate change
  • Lack of building energy efficiency
  • Lack of renewable energy supply on district and city scale

Smart city solutions offered

  • Building energy efficiency and renewable energy supply
  • Demo sites focusing on simulation and dynamic urban modelling based on 3D-GIS
  • Smart city business and participation strategies
  • Innovative planning and decision tools for an urban energy transition



Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences (HFT)


Prof. Dr. Ursula Eicker, Ursula Pietzsch


Schellingstr. 24

70174 Stuttgart



work Phone
+49 (0)711 8926 2888