The latest BMBF campaign is in full swing!

Festive Kick-off in Berlin

After the festive kick-off in Berlin on 9 February 2017 the latest international BMBF campaign "Shaping the Future – Building the City of Tomorrow together" is in full swing.

For several months the campaign´s ten urban research networks had prepared their world tour intensely. Now they finally got started reaching out internationally and inviting strong partners to develop viable solutions for developing sustainable, energy-efficient and attractive cities of tomorrow together.

BMBF campaign

First stop: Vietnam

The start of their world tour couldn´t have been any better. Happy to escape the rainy and chilly German winter, the researchers of the four networks SCHWIMMTOUR, IGSI, GIP2Vietnam and GENIUS travelled over 5.500 miles to attend the German Science Day held on 1 March in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam in sunny Ho Chi Minh City.

Ranging from beautiful and sustainable floating houses to urban design thinking and urban labs for integrated urban management, the networks showcased a variety of smart city innovations. Over 350 researchers, urban planners and governmental representatives from Vietnam seized the opportunity to discuss ideas how to build the City of Tomorrow together. Back home in Germany, the networks´ researchers were busy following up on the inspiring talks in Vietnam and drafting project concepts for the recently agreed German-Vietnamese research collaborations. But time was pressing.

Next destinations: New York City and New-Delhi

With the renowned urban innovation fairs Smart Cities NYC and Smart Cities India two exciting stages of the networks´ world tour were coming up shortly afterwards.

In New York, USA, and in New-Delhi, India, the campaign´s research networks presented a wide range of sustainable smart city solutions addressing various pressing urban challenges including urban resilience, climate adaptation, energy efficiency and integrated urban management.

Starting today for a better tomorrow

If you would like to make an appointment in advance to meet our research networks at the fairs, don’t hesitate to contact your favourite smart city research network or our campaign office. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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