Turning brownfields into safe, attractive and lively urban districts by means of integrated planning

German urban planners from the DE-US.net network of experts will present an innovative method for integrated planning which enables better calculation of the risks and costs of redeveloping brownfields in urban areas at the 2017 National Brownfields Training Conference which takes place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA) on 5-7 December.

Industrial wastelands, disused freight yards, abandoned military barracks and derelict factories in the middle of densely populated urban areas all offer precious space for business and residential development to accommodate the needs of growing urban populations.


But many urban planners are discouraged by the high and difficult to calculate risks and costs involved in the remediation of contaminated land: There must be no danger whatsoever to human health and the environment where young families are going to live or where office workers will spend their outdoor lunch breaks. This also applies to the materials recycled at the site and the necessary investment cost and time.

Integrated planning to calculate risks and costs
The problem with cleaning up and redeveloping brownfield sites is not so much the availability of appropriate technologies as the inefficient management of the various demands and needs of the people involved.

The German founders of DE-US.net are among the few land and urban developers worldwide who are able to properly clean up brownfield sites, including their soil and groundwater, at low cost and transform them into attractive and sustainable urban business and residential areas. Their reliability and success is based on targeted cooperation between experts from research, SMEs and local government as well as property owners, investors and the local population. They have carried out several hundred commercially successful projects in Germany and converted industrial wastelands and other derelict sites for sustainable use in tomorrow's cities.

Urban solutions which benefit everyone
DE-US.net's secret of success in brownfield redevelopment consists in exchanging ideas and knowledge with experts at home and abroad, involving all the stakeholders in local authorities, businesses and the scientific community as well as the local population, prospective occupants and investors right from the outset, and also calculating risks and systematically minimizing costs through integrated planning. In this way it is possible to develop reliable and sustainable urban solutions which benefit everyone. The aim is to protect health, safeguard the environment, save costs and energy, and meet the functional and aesthetic requirements of future users.

Experts from DE-US.net will be available on 5-7 December at the 2017 National Brownfields Training Conference in Pittsburgh, PA to share experience and present their projects. Make use of this opportunity and register here for more information about the network and workshop or to arrange a personal appointment.

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