Initiative and sponsor

The campaign represents a pillar of the BMBF's international research marketing activities. Their aim is to increase Germany's visibility as an attractive place to study and engage in research and innovation under the initiative Research in Germany.

For this purpose, in 2016 the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) launched the initiative Research in Germany to promote innovation and research in Germany and present Germany’s research achievements and opportunities to the international community.

With its research marketing campaigns for theme and country priorities, the BMBF has created an international platform for the German research landscape. The campaigns represent a significant tool for increasing the visibility of Germany’s excellent research and development community abroad and strengthening Germany’s global image as a research hub.


Since 2006, the BMBF with the support of the DLR Project Management Agency has organized seven campaigns with a regional or thematic focus. Every single campaign made a valuable contribution to attracting top-level scientists, potential investors and foreign companies to Germany.

The current research marketing campaign is dedicated to the City of the Future, which was the theme of Germany´s National Science Year 2015. The importance of this topic is also reflected by the German government’s High-Tech Strategy 2020, which formulated the future project of the CO2-neutral, energy-efficient, climate-adapted city.