InnovationWorkshop Munich

InnovationWorkshop Munich 1.-2. March 2018

Interview with Dr rer net Sven Meister
Flyer in Nahaufnahme
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In preperation for the InnovationPlatform in Melbourne a the 2-day InnovationWorkshop took place in Munich from 1st-2nd March 2018. The ten German Research-SME-tandems were trained in market and sector specific know-how, intercultural understanding, innovative thinking and presentation skills by experts from the fields of industry, research and marketing.

Programme InnovationWorkshop Munich

Thursday, 1st of March

09.30 Welcoming and Presentation of InnoHealth Australia

10.15 Project example iCare

10.30 The Australian research and health sector

14.00 Presentation InnoHealth experts and evaluation criteria

14.45 Workshop Introduction "Generating contacts through marketing and communication"

Friday, 2nd of March

09.00 Research in Germany - ambassadors and presentation material

09.30 Procedure of the workshop

09.45 Workshop - Strategies, contents & formats

16.30 End of workshop


Programme InnovationWorkshop 1st & 2nd of March

Download (PDF, 1 MB)

Venue for the 1st of March:
Fraunhofer Headquarters

Hansastraße 20
80686 München
Room EG 3+4

Venue for the 2nd of March:
Bayerstraße 85
80335 München


International Research Marketing
Carolina Wienand
+49 2241 14 2242