Expert Interviews

InnoHealth Australia talked to researchers and entrepreneurs of the healthcare research sector in Germany. These experts - engaged in institutions, universities and companies - presented their experiences in cooperation between business and science, their thoughts about Research in Germany as well as InnoHealth.

Jörg Trinkwalter, Medical Valley Erlangen

Jörg Trinkwalter, member of the Executive Board at Medical Valley Erlangen, gives an insight into his professional cosmos talking about the key activities of Medical Valley, advantages and results of collaboration between science and business and international networking in healthcare research.

Dr. Sven Meister, Fraunhofer ISST

Dr. Sven Meister, Head of Department Digitization in HealthCare at Fraunhofer-Institute for Software and Systems Engineering, is also responsible for E-Health and Hospital Engineering at Fraunhofer-inHaus-Center in Duisburg where InnoHealth Australia conducted the interview. Dr. Meister describes the development of innovative processes and products considering the needs of users and industry.