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The Leibniz Association is the umbrella organisation for 89 research institutes which address issues of international importance. Leibniz Institutes conduct research, provide scientific and research infrastructures and perform research-based services (liaison, consultation, transfer) for the public, for policymakers, for academia and for businesses. All Leibniz Institutes have to undergo frequent external evaluations.

Facts and Figures

  • 89 institutes;
    conducting research or providing scientific infrastructures

  • 8,800 researchers,
    some 17,500 staff in total (2013)

  • annual budget:
    approx. 1.5 billion euros (2013)

Organisational Details

The Leibniz Association is known for the wide range of themes addressed by its member institutes. The Leibniz Association has a decentralised organisational structure. Each institute is legally and financially independent and autonomously determines its research programme. The 89 Leibniz Institutes employ some 17,500 people and have an overall annual budget of 1.5 billion euros.

Research Activities

Leibniz research institutes cover the humanities and social sciences, economics, spatial and life sciences, mathematics, natural sciences, engineering and environmental research.

International Cooperation

The 89 institutes of the Leibniz Association have a firm place in top national and international research. Leibniz researchers cooperate with institutions across the globe and constantly develop their collaborative partnerships.

The unusually broad range of research themes and specialist approaches within the Leibniz Association means that it can respond quickly and flexibly to new developments, thereby facilitating activities that address global problems.

In 2013, Leibniz institutions were involved in more than 3,700 formal international collaborations in 130 different countries. In addition, many Leibniz institutions have established partner sites and maintain field research stations (in German) abroad.

Research Budget


The budget totals approx. 1.5 billion euros with an equal share (39%) from the Federal Government and the federal states (“Länder”). Third-party funding amounts to 23% of the total budget.



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