R&D policy framework

Researcher analysing an experiment

How can you generate clean electricity? How are epidemics cured? The world is facing major global challenges that powerful research institutions can help to overcome. The Federal Government is employing various strategies and initiatives to create the right policy framework to ensure Germany is scientifically, technologically and economically equipped to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

With the Higher Education Pact 2020, for example, the Federal Government and the Länder are investing additional funds in the expansion of higher education opportunities and strengthening university research on a lasting basis, while the Excellence Initiative is intensifying competition between universities to achieve outstanding results in all higher education disciplines.

Although they have different emphases, both the Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation and the High-Tech Strategy are focusing on networking and interchange. They also encourage cooperation between science and industry.

Furthermore, the Federal Government is devoting greater attention to the important subjects of international exchange and cross-border networking in its Internationalisation Strategy and Research and Academic Relations Initiative.