Industry 4.0 helps producing more effiniently

Intregrated Industry - Creating Value: The manufacturers of compressed air and vacuum technology can produce more efficiently thanks to Industry 4.0 (integrated industry). Digital networking can minimize operating costs and can increase the machine availability.

„Predictive maintenance prevents expensive outages and downtimes, enables to detect deviations early and to initialize counter measures“, explains Christoph Singrün, Managing Director VDMA Compressors, Compressed Air and Vacuum Technology. He adds: „The savings potential due to reduced operating costs usually amortise the investment in a very short period. Production becomes more efficient”.

Following the motto „Compressed Air 4.0 / Vacuum 4.0: Integrated, predictive and more efficient“ VDMA Compressors, Compressed Air and Vacuum Technology Association informs at the VDMA Info Point in Hall 26, stand D17, and at the press conference on the activities regarding industry 4.0 and energy efficiency.

Interested visitors will also find further guidelines and fact sheets. Furthermore the interactive compressed air model calculator shows interested visitors how easily energy can be saved. The calculator is also online available at The calculator shows the potential savings of a compressed air system either in euros or kilowatt hours.

The International Trade Fair for Compressed Air and Vacuum Technology is part of the Hanover Fair, which takes place from 24 to 28 April 2017.

The press conference Compressors, Compressed air and vacuum technology is held on Tuesday, 25 April 2017 from 11:00 - 12:00 h in the VDMA-Arena, CC hall 13/14.