InnoMine Chile: German researchers and SMEs partnered in tandems to present innovative ideas and projects for the mining sector in Chile


On 21 March 2017, 20 selected representatives of German universities, research institutes and SMEs presented their ideas and projects for the areas of industry 4.0, production efficiency, alternative energy production, digitalization and safety at work in order to innovate the Chilean mining industry within the scope of the InnoMine Chile initiative.

Munich 31st March 2017 – After a call for ideas and innovation in autumn 2016 and a preparatory phase including a three-day workshop at the end of 2016, the InnovationPlatform took place on 21 and 22 March 2017 in Santiago de Chile as part of the InnoMine Chile Initiative within the framework of the project “International Research Marketing/Research in Germany“, initiated and funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The two-day event had the following aims: on the one hand the presentation of German high-tech competence as an innovation motivation for the Chilean mining industry and on the other hand the networking of German and Chilean stakeholders as a basis for further exchange as well as a project-oriented deepening of the talks and activities.

The first day was dedicated to the presentation of German research and innovation competence. The event, held at the Advanced Mining Technology Center (AMTC) of the University of Chile, was opened by the Chilean Minister of Agriculture Aurora Elvira Williams Baussa. In her speech, she stressed the importance of an intensive exchange of experience and knowledge with the German participants for the Chilean mining sector and appealed to the participating parties in both countries to create a sustainable exchange.
Welcome speeches from University Dean, Prof. Patricio Aceituno Gutiérrez, Director of the AMTC, Prof. Javier Ruiz del Solar, President of the Chilean Mining Programme Alta Ley, Mauro Valdés as well as Director of Fraunhofer Chile, Joan Bosch, followed.

The subsequent presentations of the 10 tandems – consisting of one representative of companies and universities or research institutes respectively – presented innovative solutions for the essential challenges of the Chilean mining industry. These include – among other things – measures to increase productivity, resource efficiency, environmental protection and social responsibility as well as occupational safety.

Parallel to the presentations, an exhibition took place in the room next door, in which the different approaches with the German tandems could be discussed and deepened in personal discussions. Altogether, about 150 visitors from business, politics, universities and other organizations had registered.

The second day of the event was held at the Angelini Center, the Innovation Center of the University Católica. A total of 30 selected Chilean researchers were honored for their project approaches, which were submitted in February 2017 in order to participate in the InnovationTour (also part of the InnoMine Chile initiative).

After the welcome of Rodrigo Pascual, Manager of the Mining Faculty of the University Católica, the certificates for participants were handed over in a solemn ceremony by the President of the Chilean Mining Programme Alta Ley, Jonathan Castillo – setting the stage for the 5-day journey taking place end of May/beginning of June 2017 through Germany.

In the subsequent "World Café", where six groups of German and Chilean participants dealt with various challenges of the mining industry in short sessions, also offered the opportunity for everyone to get to know each other.

Both days were classified as interesting and promising by the participants – especially with regard to further discussions and the next steps in the development of the exchange initiated by the Mining Minister.


Carolina Wienand
Zentrale der Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
Project „Internationales Forschungsmarketing“

About InnoMine Chile.

InnoMine Chile is an Initiative under the umbrella brand "Land der Ideen" and a constituent part of the collaborative project „International Research Marketing“ by Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung, Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Service (DAAD), DFG and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The project is managed by the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft as a representative of applied research in Germany. More information about the „InnoMine Chile“ initiative: