Germany ranks in global top three for innovative medtech patents

Germany ranks in the top three in the world when it comes to filing patents for innovative medical technology. According to the European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich, German innovators submitted 1,323 medtech patents last year. In global terms, that puts Germany ahead of Japan and second only to the US when it comes to developing the latest technology in the sector. 
© GTAIWhat is more, the patent office notes that the top industry for patent registration continues to be medical technology. In 2016, however, the number of patents filed in this competitive, innovative sector dropped by 2.1 percent from 2015 to a total of 12,263. In terms of filing numbers, other top sectors were digital communication and pharmaceuticals.
The EPO reports that 2016 was also a record year for patents in general, with nearly 96,000 patents published - 40 percent more than in 2015. As it has done for more than a decade, Germany again filed more patents than any other European country and last year also ranked in the top ten of eight leading technology fields.
To document how the innovative strength of Germany's medical technology sector is reflected in the country's economy and the world, HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY published a brochure called German Medical Technology: Innovative health solutions for tomorrow's markets in January. Another aim of the publication is to inform interested individuals about what makes the country's medical technology industry - a sector dominated by small and medium-sized firms - so successful at developing state-of-the-art products and systems.
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