Individual Doctoral Projects at Helmholtz Centres

Funded by

Helmholtz Association:
The Helmholtz Association is the largest German research organisation. It offers several opportunities for young researchers.

In brief

PhD students can complete a doctorate and receive an interdisciplinary postgraduate training while working in an excellent research environment at a Helmholtz Centre.

Who can apply?

PhD students with

  • an outstanding university degree equivalent to a German Master’s degree
  • an academic qualification in an appropriate subject for the advertised doctoral research
  • research experience
  • English language skills

Type and extent of funding

Work contract (usually part-time); the sala-ry is based on the collective agreement for public sector employees (currently approx.
3,600 euros per month gross for a full-time job) and depends on the candidate’s profile and the subject of the PhD thesis. Individual centres can also award scholarships.


Generally 3 years with possible extension up to 1 year.


Applications should be submitted to the Helmholtz Centre of the respective vacancy. Vacancies and closing dates are advertised on the websites of individual centres or on the job exchange.

Jobs at the Helmholtz Association

Jobs at the Helmholtz Association

The research centres of the Helmholtz Association cover a wide range of research fields and also operate large research infrastructures, like DESY. Vacancies at all Helmholtz Centres – including positions for postdocs – are published on its Job vacancies page. > Jobs Jobs at the Helmholtz Association