PhD student with his supervisor.

The Leibniz Association brings together 89 research institutions working in many different disciplines. Fostering young talent is also an important work area for the Leibniz Association. Leibniz is the first non-university research organisation to define Career Guidelines that offer a framework for working conditions and career development at Leibniz institutions.

Funding for Graduates and PhD Researchers

The institutes of the Leibniz Association provided targeted funding for young research talent. Some 3,600 PhD researchers work here; over 23% come from outside Germany. Leibniz Graduate Schools offer doctoral researchers the opportunity to complete a structured PhD programme in an excellent research environment in cooperation with a higher education institution. They work closely with higher education institutions and receive support from the Pact for Research and Innovation.

Funding for Postdocs and Junior Researchers

Excellent postdoctoral researchers from all over the world who completed their doctorates within the last two years can apply for an international Leibniz-DAAD Research Fellowship. Current application announcements can be found here. Beyond this programme, Leibniz institutes offer plenty of opportunities for postdoctoral researchers through regular employment contracts.

Funding for Senior Researchers

A programme for senior researchers allows senior scientists to pursue or complete research in the scientific context of a Leibniz Institute. The programme for International Visiting Scholars promotes networking and strengthens cooperation between Leibniz Institutes and their international partners. Applicants are asked to contact the Leibniz Institute of their choice directly: all Leibniz Institutions.

Mentoring for Women Researchers

The Leibniz Association offers a one-year mentoring programme for highly-qualified female postdocs and supports them on the path to leadership positions and professorships.

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Jobs at the Leibniz Association

Jobs at the Leibniz Association

The institutes of the Leibniz Association focus on demand-oriented and interdisciplinary research. The Leibniz Association advertises its vacancies on its Job portal. www.leibniz-gemeinschaft.de > Jobs Jobs at the Leibniz Association