Federal and State Governments

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Public research funding plays a major role in research and development in Germany. Almost one third of spending on research and development in Germany is provided by federal and state governments. Government is thus the main sponsor of research in Germany alongside industry.

Several federal ministries are actively engaged in this field with targeted short- to medium-term research funding, project funding, contract research as well as medium- to long-term institutional funding. Almost 80% of the federal government’s spending on research and development are provided by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy.

Federal ministries maintain their own departmental research establishments. These facilities primarily focus on research questions of national relevance, such as health research. In addition, ministries significantly fund research through so-called project management organisations.

The Federal Funding Advisory Service on Research and Innovation is the central point of contact for any questions concerning research and innovation funding in Germany. Identifying suitable funding programmes, advising on the Federal Government, German states and EU research and funding landscape, assisting the classification of project ideas and recommending specialist partners belongs to its range of responsibilities.

Public Funding for Research Projects

Public Funding for Research Projects

Many federal ministries support research projects. In the case of direct project funding, monies are made available for fixed-term projects. Indirect project funding, on the other hand, is used to support infrastructures, collaborations and networks. More Public Funding for Research Projects