Research in Industry

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German companies are among the world’s most research-intensive enterprises. Volkswagen, Daimler, Siemens and Robert Bosch are ranked among the companies that invest most in research and development (R&D) worldwide.

Companies provide over two thirds of total R&D funding in Germany. And they employ the most researchers: some 360,000 people work in corporate research and development – above all, in the major industries of vehicle production, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, but also increasingly in the service sector.

Researching companies in Germany are attractive employers and also advertise for specialists abroad.

What German companies offer you

  • You will often work in an international team, sometimes in collaboration with universities and non-university research institutions.
  • You carry out research on practical applications and can pursue the realisation of your ideas.
  • The remuneration is usually good to very good by international standards.
  • You will usually be able to take advantage of excellent social benefits.
  • As a rule, you will have favourable long-term prospects and interesting opportunities for promotion.

German companies are always on the look-out for highly qualified employees. The career opportunities for international researchers are as varied as they are specific: depending on the industry, company and scientific profile as well as your personal abilities and skills.

Your research options:

Research in a company

Research in a company

Do you enjoy a challenge and finding solutions to practical problems? A leadership position in research and development at a German company offers a wide range of interesting responsibilities. More Research in a company