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Networks and Clusters

DFG - Clusters of Excellence

Clusters of excellence will enable German university locations to establish internationally visible, competitive research and training facilities, thereby enhancing scientific networking and cooperation among the participating institutions. ... > Clusters of Excellence

German Partnership for Sustainable Mobility (GPSM)

The German Partnership for Sustainable Mobility (GPSM) is serving as a guide for sustainable mobility and green logistics solutions from Germany. As a platform for exchanging knowledge, expertise and experiences, GPSM supports the ...

Jobs in Sustainable Mobility

The job portal of the German Partnership for Sustainable Mobility (GPSM) offers numerous jobs in the field of sustainable mobility.

List of networks and clusters is an online forum for science, business and industry. First click on the “B2B Area” and then go to “Company Profiles” to find a list of links to German universities, universities of applied ...


Nanotechnology's success in Germany builds on a large number of players. Nano-map is a graphic tool designed to illustrate the regional distribution of nanotechnology institutions across Germany.

The Leading-Edge Cluster Competition

The Leading Edge Cluster Competition was launched in 2007. A core element of this strategy is building bridges between science and industry. > The Leading-Edge Cluster Competition