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Career Planning is an online job market for higher education professionals. You can find tips on how to apply or on how best to plan your academic career. Moreover, you can access the experience reports that other researchers have written.

BMBF - Women in Science

The number of women researchers working in leading positions in universities and research institutions is still relatively low in Germany. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is eager to change this and promotes equal ... > Women in Academia

DFG - Career planning

The German Research Foundation ( DFG) offers a career planning information service that helps you find the right funding instruments and programmes for all stages of your career in science and academia. > Research Careers

This portal informs you about current vacancies at research centers, high-tech companies or universities (most vacancies are in German).

Make it in Germany

“Make it in Germany” shows qualified professionals from other countries the way to Germany – and what makes it worthwhile to live and work here. For the first time, the portal bundles together all the key information about ...

Recognition in Germany

"Recognition in Germany" is the information portal regarding the German government's Recognition Act. This portal provides up-to-date information on the legal basis and procedure for the recognition of foreign professional ...