Food and Drink

Three people in a German cafe

Dishes like these have strong traditional regional roots, but German food is more varied than you might think. Germans like to travel troughout the world. This adventurous side has left its mark and has dramatically changed culinary life over the past 50 years. In fact, the Germans are among those with the most international range of food in Europe.
The seven million foreigners who live here and who have brought their foods with them have made important contributions to this development. Practically each and every cuisine is represented: Asian and Mediterranean, Turkish and African, Thai, Chinese, Indian and Vietnamese, Greek, Spanish and Moroccan. And Italian, to name but a few.

Another major change came with the "organic" movement (which Germans call Öko). Suddenly, people were fascinated with growing their own food. Organic foods can be found almost everywhere, now. And, what's more, this fascination inspired more men to cook and so discover the kitchen! After the short overview below, you might feel a bit hungry or thirsty. So why not go out and find a nice German restaurant? "Prost und Guten Appetit!"

German Cookbook: A Culinary Journey

A gourmet tour of German culinary culture: Here you find recipes for German apple cake, bavarian crème, asparagus, waffles, marble cake, Black Forest cake, curried sausage and much more. Download (PDF, 4.0 MB)

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

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German bread and pastries

German bread and pastries

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German beer vs. mineral water

German beer vs. mineral water

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