Why Chile?

Explore new opportunities in Chile

What is the Chilean mining sector offering German researchers and SMEs? Why is the project not only interesting for German participants but also important for Chile’s future mining industry. How can you profit from getting involved in or learning from the participants at the InnovationPlatform and InnovationTour? We invite you to watch the videos to get inside information about the project InnoMine Chile from involved parties like Fraunhofer Gesellschaft and the German Foreign Trade Chamber in Chile

The videos are also available for download in high quality

Germany is a strategic partner to the Chilean mining industry. In 2013 Germany and Chile signed a declaration of interests for the development of a strategic partnership in the mining and raw materials sector.The four main priorities that emerged during previous years of German-Chilean cooperation in the mining and resource sector were:

  1. Technology transfer and development of new solutions for local and regional mining projects with a view to increasing productivity and competitiveness (Automation, Industry 4.0)
  2. Development of a seconday mining sector (recovery of high-value materials from mining spoil heaps)
  3. Sustainability and resource efficiency especially in respect of water and energy
  4. Human resources, training, education and professional development

There are already existing contacts to universities, technology institutes and centers, industry associations and other interesting stakeholders in Chile.

Please find here a link list and information material about Chile:

Kooperation International
www.kooperation-international.de > Education and Research: Chile (only in German)

Kompetenzzentrum Bergbau und Rohstoffe Chile (AHK)
www.chile.ahk.de > Kompetenzzentrum Bergbau und Rohstoffe (only in German and Spanish)

Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI)
www.gtai.de > Chiles staatlicher Bergbaukonzern kooperiert stärker mit Privatsektor (only in German)

Der chilenische Bergbau: Bedürfnisse und Herausforderungen (in German only)

Download (PDF, 508.7 KB)

Programma Alta Ley
www.programaaltaley.cl (only in Spanish)

Scientific and Technological Research Center for Mining
www.cicitem.cl (only in Spanish)

Advanced Mining Technology Center (AMTC)

Comisión Nacional de Investigación Científica y Tecnológia
www.conicyt.cl (only in Spanish)

Socienty of Mining Professors

Extension Center Antofagasta