Press Tour 2018: The Future of Work

Press-Tour 2018

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) invites a delegation of 15 international science journalists on a press tour to Germany on the future of work from 21 to 26 October 2018.

The way we are working is changing fast. Digitisation, automation and globalisation are having a profound impact on the world of work. How and where will we work in the future? What kind of skills and education will we need? Will robots and intelligent machines take our jobs? This press tour picks up the topic of the "Science Year 2018 – Working Life of the Future", and sets out to explore the challenges and opportunities of the working life of the future. Journalists will meet researchers and developers at German research institutes, universities and companies.


Preliminary programme outline

The focus will be on the following aspects:

  • How will automation and technology affect work (for example: artificial intelligence in automobile industry)
  • The challenges of digitisation – and possible solutions (for example: cyber security)
  • The effects on individuals and society (for example: new workplace structures and models)

Among the institutions to be visited are (to be confirmed):

  • Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO), Stuttgart
  • Future Work Lab – Innovation lab for work, people and technology, Stuttgart
  • Porsche AG, Stuttgart
  • University of Stuttgart
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe
  • German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)

The application period for the "Research in Germany" Press Tour is over and further applications are not possible.

All selected journalists have been informed and confirmed. Thank you for your interest.


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