Press Tour 2016: Research and innovation in eastern Germany

RiG Press Tour 2016

Germany is renowned worldwide as an attractive location for cutting-edge research. But are research and development actually at the same level in western and eastern Germany? How has the innovation system in eastern Germany developed since 1990, and what are its strengths and weaknesses? What role has public funding of research and innovation played in this development?

Questions like these were at the centre of the Research in Germany 2016 press tour. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) hosted this tour to give international journalists the opportunity to find out more about the state of German research in eastern Germany and debate with the experts.

The tour took place from 6 to 11 March 2016. The itinerary included universities, research institutes, companies and networks in Magdeburg, Jena, Chemnitz, Dresden and Freiberg.

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