Below you will find a brief description of the names of the cookies that Webtrekk can set in the browser, as well as the metrics and dimensions in the frontend that reflect the cookie information.

In general, you can recognize Webtrekk cookies by their name beginning with "wt". Webtrekk does not necessarily set all cookies mentioned in the list; some contain information about specific plugins, so these are only set if the corresponding plugin is in use.


cookie-information name description dimension metrik


EID Ever ID / Cookie ID


with First Party Tracking and pixel v3 or higher

End device Visitor Id

Browsers, unique
wt_eid with First Party Tracking and pixel v2
wteid_<<TRACKID>> with Third Party Tracking
wt3_sid SID Session ID pixel v3 or higher Session-IDs Visits
wt_sid pixel v2

GEID Global Device Ever ID

Information for Device Cookie; only for Third Party Cookies, otherwise empty; used for RTA

not in the frontend, only raw data export

Global Device Visitor ID

wt_feid FEIDFingerprint Ever ID for session recognition if no cookies are accepted, hashed not in the frontend

wt_fweid FWEID weak Fingerprint Ever ID
wt_cdbeid CDBEID CDB Ever ID

if the CDB is activated, this is the EID of one of the combined devices

more information

see EID
wt_fa Frequency Analysis Plugin to measure the frequency of a user's visits during a certain period of time, prerequisite: URM enabled URM categories
wt_sw Survey Widget contains information about the Survey Widget, e. g. name of the widget, sampling

The following parameters are created in the frontend:

  • Action parameter 500: Name of the Webtrekk Survey Widget
  • Action parameter 501: Question of the rating element (property "text")
  • Action parameter 502: Evaluation of the question
  • Action parameter 503: Indicates whether a poll was closed or send.

These are subsequently available as dimensions and correspondingly "Qty..." as metric.

wt_nps NPS Plugin

Net Promoter Score Plugin

more information


NPS URM Feedback

NPS Qty promoters

NPS Qty detectors

and more

wt_nv new visitor Information about whether the visitor is new or returning (MA Plugin) New vs. Returning

New Visitors

Returning Visitors

and more

wt_rla Request Limit Amount Number of requests that can still be sent not in the frontend
wt_nbg_Q3 Sticky Session Cookie Set by the Load Balancer to send all requests of a user to the same track server not in the frontend
wt3_sample Pixel-Sampling Specifies whether the current session is measured or not (sampling must be activated) not in the frontend
wt_ref Referrer If available, the pixel uses the content as a referrer and does not use the "correct" e.g. for A/B tests with forwarding (after use the cookie is deleted from the pixel)


and more

Qty Referrer

and more

wt_mcc_<<c || a>>_<<trackId>> Mediatracking

Use of "mediaCodeCookie" (a campaign is measured only once per session)

more information

not in the frontend
wt_acv_id AdClear UserID

First party cookies must be used

more information

not in the frontend
wt_acv_cp AdClear purchase probability not in the frontend
wt_cookiecontrol CookieControl

Cookie Control Plugin

more information

not in the frontend
wt_wywy_l WyWy Plugin

Plugin to analyse the effects of TV commercials

more information

channel = "TV.*"  
wt_pli_view Product List Tracking Plugin

value is passed on via pli parameter; cookie contains product ID and product list no

more information

product variant

and more


qty products

and more

wt_r   TI is not being requested for the next 5 min not in the frontend
wt_mcp_sid MA SID internal session ID from Marketing Automation, expired after 30 minutes not in the frontend
wt_tc(_v2) Teaser Tracking last clicked teaser, if _v2 then plugin version 2 used for calculation of attribution
wt_tcc(_v2) all clicked teasers, if _v2 then plugin version 2


The suffix "_s" indicates that this is session information. For example, for the cookie "wt_sw" of the survey widget, there is the cookie "wt_sw_s", which collects session information and is discarded after the session.